Not a newsletter, a curated local experience.

We curate relevant content for local eats, attractions, home & informative real estate tips.

When your contacts are ready to engage in buying and selling, the emails send them to custom (branded to you) landing pages to capture their intent.

Labor Day Special $47/mo & No set up fee

Regular $69/mo w/ $99 set up

Get Them To Choose You

  • 68% of your database is not going to to buy or sell a home this year.
  • 27% will be interested.
  • 5% will actually act.

How It Works

We curate local content relevant to your community. We hand pick highly rated places to & local attractions.

Customize or Send As Is

You'll have full access to the campaign dashboard if you want to edit or change the campaign. However, our product was made for 'Set it and forget it' in mind.

Email Funnel

When people engage with our buyer and seller emails they will be sent to landing pages to capture their interest. All landing pages can be tracked with your Facebook Pixel to further track their intent with retargeting.

Curated Emails Sent To Your Database

Every 2 Weeks

  • Local Value
  • Branded To You
  • Consistent Communication
  • Local Expertise

Labor Day Special

$47/mo no setup fee

Regular $69/mo w/ $99 Set Up Fee

Social Media Management

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